The prefecture of Kozani is the largest prefecture of Western Macedonia. It is a large basin that is surrounded by the mountains of Larissa, Pieria, Imathia, and the Kozaniti mountains (Kamvounia, Siniatsiko, Mpourino and Voio). In the lowlands there are the lignite mines and the thermal power plants of the Hellenic Public Power Corporation, which inevitably burden the natural environment. The local economy is based on agriculture with peaches and saffron being the main agricultural products. In the highlands you will find beautiful places hidden in the wild beauty of the mountains, in the habitats of Aliakmonas River, in the impressive ecosystem of Polyfytos pond and in the traditional mountain villages.

Kozani is the headquarters of the prefecture. It is a modern and rapidly growing city which, however, is characterized by architectural anarchy and the absence of an organized street plan. The culture of the locals is remarkable as they are friendly people who maintain their traditions and know how to organize celebrations and feasts. The best time to visit Kozani is probably during the period of the Carnival when you will experience the hospitality and the sense of humor of the locals.  

Siatista is a town that stands out for its architectural heritage. It is well known for its unique mansions which are built like castles and its beautiful post-Byzantine churches.