Mansions of Siatista

Siatista is just 27 kilometers far from the city of Kozani. It is a beautiful village of unique cultural identity and architectural peculiarity in the heart of Western Macedonia. Siatista is a significant industrial center, well known for its weaving and fur industries and viticulture.

In 18th and 19th century Siatista experienced a tremendous economic prosperity due to trades with Western Europe. This contact with the European culture led to the intellectual and social development of the residents of Siatista as well as to the development of the arts and especially architecture which is reflected on the mansions of Siatista (approximately 100 in total) and the post-Byzantine churches (approximately 20 in total).

The mansions of Siatista are fine examples of 18th century architecture and were built by Epirus and Macedonian craftsmen. They are two-storey houses with courtyards surrounded by impregnable walls with battlements. In the interior they are spacious and richly decorated with Venetian-glazed windows, stained glass, carved wooden ceilings, carved inscriptions and beautiful frescoes. In the churches of Siatista you can admire the excellent woodwork of their iconostasis and the paintings of great representatives of the Cretan School (eg Poulakis).

The traditional residence Tsiotsiou - Derou is open for visit.

The traditional residence Tsiotsiou - Derou: 6945-441132