Siatista is well known for its unique mansions which are built like castles and its post-Byzantine churches. You should visit "Manousia» Library which hosts rare editions and manuscripts from the 16th century, the Paleontological, Botanical and Ecclesiastical Museum, the Folk Museum in Mansion Dolkira, the cottage Tsiotsiou - Derou, Mount Bourinos and the Monastery of Panagia in Mikrokastro.

You should also try the famous Siatistino wine and visit the traditional cellars. Siatista is also well known for its high quality fur coats and leather jackets market. Furthermore, there is a wide range of modern hotels and guesthouses, many alternatives for entertainment, restaurants and cafeterias. Many major benefactors gave their entire fortunes to serve their society and build schools, churches, an administrative center, a tourist hotel, a health center, a cultural center etc.