Polyfytos Lake

Polyfytos Lake is an artificial lake of Aliakmonas River in Kozani. It was founded in 1973, after the construction of the dam and it covers an area of 74 square kilometers. The lake belongs to the Hellenic Public Power Corporation, but the residents can still go fishing there. It is crossed by the High Bridge of Servia and the Small Bridge of Rymnio.

Seventeen species of freshwater fish live in the lake while the area around the dam is an important habitat for birds of prey as it provides them with food, shelter and nesting. The area is also used by migratory species as a winter refuge. Furthermore, several species of reptiles live there while 10 different species of mammals are included in the mammalian fauna of the area.

The rapid renewal of the water allows the quick removal of polluting loads so the lake maintains its “mesotrophic" condition. Therefore it is ideal for a range of activities such as fishing and aquaculture, sports (rowing) etc. It also covers the irrigation needs of the farmlands of the region.

On the banks of the lake you will find the Church of St. Varadatos, near the village Roditis and a monument for the deceased in the Asia Minor disaster.